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07 oct 2009

Writer's Block: Concert mania

What band are you dying to see live in concert that you've never seen before? Would you travel to a different city or state just to see them?
Cobra Starship
The Academy Is
Linkin Park
(Don't know if they count, but Arashi- that one's not gonna happen)

Yes, I would travel for it and have tried to (and failed, for the third)  BUT! the first two seem like an actual possibility next month (fingers crossed)

22 jan 2008

RIP Heath Ledger


31 déc 2007

(pas de sujets)

Happy New Year, everybody! :)

27 nov 2007

Cobra Presale or Clearly I'm Not As Big A Fan As I Thought


Presale started at 5:00.

I checked for Detroit tickets at 5:04.


24 juil 2007

Writer's Block: Bump In The Night

What are you afraid of?

Currently? HPDH spoilers. I shouldn't even be online for that reason.

17 mai 2007

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24 avr 2007

(pas de sujets)

Spanish orals today. Reading went all right, so did situations, but of course, I managed a spectacular fuck up during my conversation with the examiner. Who was one of those people who smile and fail you. What the hell is an opina?
Ah well, time to get ready for French, eh?

23 avr 2007


This is a test post from Photobucket.com

22 avr 2007

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espadarte picked three of my interests and three of my icons for me to explain. The conclusion I came to is that I am boring.

Rosin, Metronomes and Bows, Oh My!Réduire )

Want me to do you? Let me know.

25 mar 2007

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So, I made mixes of the verizon tone thing.

This is everything put together as 1 song-http://www.sendspace.com/file/r7v75k

This is everything mixed-http://www.sendspace.com/file/mztx2h

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